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M.A.Sc Candidate, Aerospace Engineering






Thank you for taking a look at my own personal website: a collection of the various projects, research opportunities, industry experiences, and the achievements I have encountered throughout my aerospace engineering career. I have also dedicated parts of this website to my personal interest in photography, sports, and travel. Hopefully you will find this profile as an interesting read and useful insight into the projects I have completed. Please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section. I am always interested in hearing about your own projects, research, and areas of interest, as well as new career opportunities.


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Space Thermal Control with Loop Heat Pipes


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Carleton 3-Unit CubeSat – CuSAT


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Carleton Planetary Robotics Team





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  • Juan is a hardworking and very motivated student and it was always pleasant to have him in class. In the design project, Juan demonstrated both innovative and leadership skills. He performed a detailed stress analysis of a proposed CubeSat and was also the system integrator of the project team. In this capacity, he took leadership in organizing the overall work load, ensuring the timely completion of tasks, and communication between team members. It is clear that Juan possesses the maturity and motivation required for successful and independent research!
    Dr. Tarik KayaDr. Tarik KayaThesis Supervisor at Carleton University
  • Juan displayed a level of maturity beyond our expectations, an initiative rarely seen in co-op students, and a level of enthusiasm that I cannot put into words. He is an extremely diligent and hard worker remaining focused and working tenaciously until finding a solution to every problem he faced. Senior people in other departments specifically came to me to let me know how impressed they were with his work ethic. In addition, I personally received glowing compliments about Juan from our clients. I was very impressed with Juan as a person and an engineer and I recommend Juan as a both without reservation.
    Stuart FowlerStuart FowlerManager of Mechanical Engineering at MDS Aero Support Corp.
  • Juan's performance during his term at MDS significantly exceeded my expectations. He always delivered his work on time and with the quality and attention to detail I would expect from a seasoned designer. He became a significant part of our project team not only pulling his weight technically but also boosting the team spirit! I had full confidence in Juan's work and had no reservations in bringing him to client design reviews to defend his designs. After the presentations Juan easily earned the client's respect as well. His attention to detail, commitment to the work, respect shown to everyone around him, professionalism, passion and technical knowledge definitely set him apart from his peers. I will be happy to have Juan on any of my future projects!
    Anna DelormeAnna DelormeProject Manager at MDS Aero Support Corp.